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The No nonsense Pantyhose Recycling Program

No Nonsense has developed the first pantyhose recycling program that re-purposes those materials and turns them into infrastructure such as park benches, running tracks, car insulation, and playground equipment. Children's toys can also be generated through this solution, furthering the incentive to be proactive when it comes to the pantyhose recycling program.

How do you take this step with us?

It’s simple. First download a mailing label. Now go round up your tights, pantyhose, nylon knee highs and box them up. We’ll accept all brands. Take your box to the nearest shipping location and send it on its way. We’ll collect all the products in one of our North Carolina plants and send it all to a recycling facility. Since stockings and hosiery are so lightweight, shipping a package of pantyhose will be inexpensive, and you will feel good, knowing that you are doing your part to offset your carbon footprint when you participate in the pantyhose recycling program.

Encourage Friends, Family and Your Community to Recycle Pantyhose


Ladies, it's not a fundraising project but an actual project that we can do from all over Florida as Cyber Members.  The Foxborough Regional Charter School is collecting cancelled postage stamps.  The goal is to collect over 11 million, each representing a victim of the Holocaust.  What a true learning experience to help these students visualize the enormity of the loss of human life.  The stamps are then made into mosaic artwork.  Hope you agree it's worthwhile for us to help....just send them directly to the address below and email me how many you have donated.  I will be happy to report the project for our club!  Jolie

PLEASE KEEP SAVING STAMPS! If possible, sending them to us TRIMMED would be wonderful, and even BETTER if you can provide a count of how many you are donating.  We welcome donations of cancelled stamps from individuals as well as businesses, anywhere in the world !

Holocaust Stamp Project
Foxborough Regional Charter School
131 Central Street, Foxboro, MA 02035



Spread the word about pictures of Halloween pics on the UNICEF wall at

Just 7 cents provdes one packet of special powder that can purify water
$1 buys 24 protein biscuits for a starving child
$17 pays for vaccines to keep a kid safe from six killer diseases
$18.57 provides three bed nets to protect families against mosquitoes that carry deadly malaria
$26.95 buys a lifesaving first aid kit...
Donations can be made online at or mail to:
Trick or Treat for UNICEF, US Fund for UNCEF, 125 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10038

I collect household "refuse" (paper towel/toilet paper rolls, yogurt cups, glass jars, magazines, egg cartons and more)- anything that can be reused by teachers. It goes to Resource Depot, whose mission is to "collect and distribute safe, reusable materials to community partners in education for creative learning experiences while preserving the environment".

We at the Jupiter-Tequesta Junior Woman's Club, are collecting money for UNICEF. We also are preparing shoeboxes of gifts for Operation Christmas Child.

Claire J Portmann

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