Dues & Membership

Dues are $25 per calendar year and payable before March 15 each year. New members joining after October 1 will be credited with the next year's membership and treated as members for the remaining months of the year.

Our dues are comprised of $23 for GFWC ($15) and GFWC Florida ($8) and $1.03 PayPal process fee. This leaves only 97 Cents for our club to use for charitable or other federation contributions. Please insure you fill in all fields which PayPal will send to me. If you wish to mail a check, send it to 1490 Killingsworth Way #213, The Villages FL 32162-2189 and please be sure the information below is included on the check or in a note. It is essential to have your email address, after all, we are doing this online!

You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card. If you do not have an account, this is how you pay your dues. (Instruction below and video at the bottom of this page.)
  1. You must fill in the form below
  2. Click on "Pay Now"  which will take you to the PayPal page
  3. At the second line, the page says pay with credit card, debit or  PayPal account, pay as guest and get PayPal account later (you do not even have to do it later)
  4. Fill in that form on this page
  5. click on Continue to get to the next page
  6. On this page, click the top line with the credit cards on it
  7. Fill in your card info
  8. Finish up this transaction
  9. You are done, a notice is sent to me that you paid. I never have to see your card info, Pay-pal handles it all.

During the year, we sometimes conduct a drive for fundraising for a specific reason. The Donations button is on the home page on the right side.

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Your area code & phone number
Your cell area code & phone number
Birthday-month & day
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  1. This year we're still taking dues through November. I hope we have them all by December 1 since our treasurer needs to send them in and still have time for her family at the holidays.

    If you are unsure, write me and ask. About half have sent their dues already.

    1. The pay pal page is not loading. I will try again later. Thank you for the reminder email! ~Rebecca Castillo

  2. I can't seem to get the page to accept my card!

  3. The button is now working again, have no idea why it had stopped. Please let me know if you have any trouble again. I'm so sorry.

  4. Just paid dues through PayPal. Julie Babcock