Hacienda Girls Ranch Wish List

This is a list of items prepared by Hacienda that they wish for. Our GFWC FFFF will be collecting cash, checks, and gift cards. If you chose to do any items from this list, please send them to Hacienda directly or bring to state meetings. Please remember to say it is from GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock.  Please let Cheryl Benton cbenton65@gmail.com , our chair for this project, know what you gave so she can record our donations.

Biggest need - $$ Donations to GFWC Florida Hacienda Girls Ranch Foundation -
 $ will fund everything listed below as needed.

On Going Needs that directly benefit the girls — please send NEW items
Twin sized bed- in- a- bag sets and towel sets so each girl can receive her own new bedding and towels upon arrival
Standard size pillows
Arts & craft kits or other supplies of interest to teens
Canvas suitcases/duffle bags of all sizes
New underwear, socks, pajamas, and other teen clothing (all sizes)
Personal hygiene products: family sized shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products
Portable CDs/MP3 music players/alarm clocks/clock or CD radios
Gift Cards: Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Starbucks, McDonald's or other fast food restaurants, bowling, ice & roller skating, and any other fun teen activities. (These are used for rewards and for group activities)
Publix/Walmart gift cards to purchase birthday cakes, plates, napkins, candles, and birthday gifts for residents.
Major Needs
Security fence/gate ($30-50,000)
Building maintenance fund for repairs, carpet/flooring replacement, appliance repairs/replacement, painting etc.
Landscaping/beautification fund
Transportation fund for van (maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc.)
Special interest fund for musical instruments, sports shoes/equipment, school field trips etc.
Field trip fund (Disney, Universal, beach, museum, etc.) Many girls have never had the opportunity to experience things as their peers like these trips/visits. An annual GFWC FL sponsored field trip would be an amazing experience for these girls and a way to extend our legacy by creating special memories and moments.


  1. Going to FWB WC meeting today for a joint club project....bring in your old stockings....everybody have a great GFWC FL

  2. How great Maureen! I never thought old stockings could be such a hit!
    Thank you and to all the members who help!

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