Friday, January 19, 2018

January 2018 message from Big Bird

Happy New Year from the Top Bird!!!!

Where in the world was was the Top Bird?  She was cruising for her Birthday, Christmas and New Years!  She came home sick and so her feathers got all ruffled. I haven't forgotten you all and had my flamingo gear with me.  I am now on the road to recovery and I don't want it again.  I know many of you had it as well and I hope that you too are on the road to feeling better.    

Thank you to all the members who have volunteered their time and talents throughout the year. It was a great year and we had a myriad of volunteer projects.  I am happy to say that some of the clubs after reading our project took them on as well.

Thank you to Sara Castelli for always getting our flock dues in on time.  Our reporting gal, Cathy Geary has told me that she is 2/3 through reporting for the flock.   She is the best in town!  Thanks Cathy for always doing a great job!

This top bird along with 68 others will be flying to Aruba to do a day of service with our GFWC Aruba Woman's Club.  Stay tuned as some of the flock members will be taking a boat to Flamingo Island where we will interact with the birds.  For a glimpse of what our pictures could look like see below and stay tuned!
flamingos aruba

Thank you for always Living the Volunteer Spirit!  Have a wonderful month and fluff those feather and stay warm.
Hugs Carole

(From Sara, Treasurer---Carole sent this several days ago but I was down and out with the BUG. Sorry for the delay. Next week emails will be sent to those who have not paid dues for 2018 yet.)

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