Friday, July 14, 2017

from Big Bird

Carole Weaver, Big Bird, is taking care of this form, but, wants to let you know she's doing her job! Thank you Carole! We also welcomed 7 new members at GFWC Convention!

GFWC Florida will be endorsing Jolie Frankfurth for GFWC Treasurer later this month.  No response is necessary if you are in agreement with this endorsement.  If you are not in agreement, please inform me individually via reply to this email by midnight on July 17th.  Again, NO RESPONSE is necessary if you are in agreement.  As your club president, I will complete the GFWC Official Polling Form and submit to GFWC Florida President, Mary Powell, with our vote.

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  1. The florida Club seems an interesting group. can you please mention a little more discription of it and how can one be a part of it?