Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Top Bird message for June

June 2017
Notes for the GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock Cyber Club

Good Morning to my flock…how you all doing today???  Staying dry I hope…my feathers are soaked these days, but I keep on Living the Volunteer Spirit! 

If you are going to the GFWC convention the end of next week, I am planning a gathering of our flock!  I don’t know where in the hotel, so please see me under the Florida sign and I will have little notes telling you when and where we will be meeting.  Please include in your packing something pink or something with a flamingo on it to wear when we meet… it will make a great picture.   I’ll be the one with the flamingo hat.  I am bringing our new brochure so that we can encourage others to join our flock across the country.  My goal is to see this Cyber Club flourish.  I will also be selling a flamingo bracelet for $10.00 each…and may I say it is beautiful!

Here is something new, FUN and easy for my Flock….
If you are on face book you read about being a ‘’FLOCKER ROCKER.”   I think it is a great membership tool as well as being a fun project.  Please include the name GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock Cyber Club and maybe our email address.

Thousands of people across the country have joined in the fun. In the Tampa Bay area alone there are dozens of Facebook groups: Tampa Rocks, Brandon, Tarpon Springs, St Pete, Plant City, etc… Throughout Florida, there are groups from Pensacola to Jacksonville to Key West and everywhere in between. Just put your city and Rocks and there’s probably already a group. Supposedly the first groups were started in Vancouver, Washington and Forest Grove, Oregon. And it spread like wildfire!
There’s not much required…all you need are rocks, paint and the great outdoors. No artistic talent is really required...you can write a message or word (LOVE) or draw a peace sign. Just have fun!

WHAT TO DO: You get some rocks that are small enough to carry and decorate one side…use paint, markers, stickers…whatever you like. On the other side, write the name of the Facebook group you belong to, such as Tampa Rocks. Take a picture of your rocks and post the pictures, then go out and hide them in a public place for someone to find. When you post the picture of your masterpiece, you can write a hint such as “headed to Lowry Park Zoo”. The finder then takes a photo of your rock and posts it on the page listed on the back. They can then keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find.

In addition to the “rock” page you join, keep GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock updated on rocks you’re hiding and rocks you find!  For those going to GFWC Convention, here’s your chance!

That’s all I have for now…See you in California and watch for our pictures on face book.

 Have a wonderful day!
Carole Weaver

Saturday, March 4, 2017

March note from the Top Bird

To the GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock Cyber Club 

Good Morning Flock members!   How you all doing today?  Isn't it hard to believe it is March already…three months into the New Year and the flock is flying high!  We had a great membership increase…wow… we now have 69 paid dues members!  My goal for the cyber club is to be over 100 members.  We all know someone that volunteers but says…Oh… “I don’t like to go to meetings.”   This is a great opportunity to tell them about our cyber club and all the volunteering we do throughout the United States while never attending a meeting!  It can be done and we are proving this every day.

Here is another great NEW project for everyone!  Sara Castelli told me about this a while ago.  We all love to write letters and that was proven when I asked everyone to send letters for the veterans going on an Honor Flight.  Here is another way to help ladies who are taking chemo for breast cancer.  Have you ever sat in a chemo room yourself, or watched while someone was attached to all kinds of tubes?  Sometimes they have to sit there for hours on end.  Well this organization would like you to write letters of encouragement.  Please go to www.girlslovemail.com.  Once again, here is another great project because we all can do this from home and from whatever state you live in.  Thank you and let’s do it!

        The Gift of Hand-Written Letters to Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
A hand-written letter has the special power to heal. Girls Love Mail collects your hand-written letters of encouragement, bundles them, and sends them, via the caring staff at cancer centers and programs, to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Every letter is a gift from you to a woman going through a difficult time.
Anyone can write a letter! All it takes is a little of your time and the cost of a postage stamp to help a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
Won’t you Join Us and share your kind words in a letter!
2017 Miles of Mail!
Be part of the 2017 MILES OF MAIL campaign to collect 26,000 letters this year. Plus stay connected and read responses from letter recipients!

Till I write again, thank you for “Living the Volunteer Spirit!” 
Carole Weaver, Your Top Bird
March 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

A project for Lent

How about this project for the Flock and tell us who you donated your bags too!  Start on March 1st.  This is a BOGO....Bag up your clutter and give to a charity in the name of our " Flock."  Thanks everyone. Let's spread our feathers...we can do this!

If you bag up your clutter as our Top Bird suggested and give to a charity, please email Cathy Geary rgeary1@tampabay.rr.com  with the "in kind" value, who you gave it to and a photo if possible. We'd like to keep a record for next year's reporting and if you do it as you do something, it is so much easier.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January note from our Top Bird

A quick note to the Members of the GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock!
How you all doing? You have made me so proud to be a member of the GFWC Fabulous Florida Flamingo Flock Cyber Club.   

Reporting is finished!  Thank you to Cathy Geary who is our reporting guru that wrote the reports and sent them to the appropriate state chairman for the Flock.  She has done a fantastic job and I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their information to Cathy so she could write the reports.  We are an awesome Flock!   

If you know of anyone who loves GFWC but doesn’t want to get dressed up and venture out for a club meeting but loves to volunteer in her community please ask them to consider joining the GFWC FFFF Cyber Club.  Being a cyber club our members do their volunteering in their own communities and then send in their projects to Cathy Geary for reporting purposes.  We are on face book and have a web site. Our members are not only from Florida but all across the United States, check us out.

Till I write again, thank you for “Living the Volunteer Spirit!” 
Carole Weaver, Your Top Bird
January 2017